Dramacon Vol. 3: A Graphic Novel/Comic Book (Chick Lit Wednesday) Review

Dramacon Vol. 3 by Svetlana ChmakovaWith two anime conventions under her belt, Christie knows exactly what to expect at the Yatta Anime Convention. Even her artist/partner Bethany feels like a pro at the con–especially with her drawing on the official convention t-shirts. Still both girls are in for a few surprises in Dramacon Volume 3 (2007) by Svetlana Chmakova, the final installment in a super awesome series. (Find it on Bookshop.)

Christie and Matt might finally be ready to connect as more than friends. Matt’s girlfriend is out of the picture and Christie is out of excuses to not try and make their relationship work. But after two years of avoiding each other and denying their feelings, will these two be able to figure everything out before the convention is over?

While Christie knows exactly what she’s getting into at the convention, Bethany is completely surprised when she finds out her mother plans on dropping by the convention center. How will her mother react when she finds out that Bethany is at a comic convention working as, of all things, a comic artist?

This year’s convention might be a chance for the girls to realize a lot of their dreams–if they can make it through all the con drama first!

At this point, I think we’ve already established that I love Dramacon and think it’s brilliant. That said, I still wish this final installment had gone a bit differently. Compared to the first two volumes, Christie and Matt got very little “screen time.” Instead much of the comic focused on Bethany’s relationship with her mother and her own fledgling romance. While this story thread is very dramatic and compelling, I did start the series with Christie and I would have liked to spend more time on her character at the end of it.

Dramacon Volume 3 changes focus rather dramatically in comparison to the first two books in the series (as with the focus on Bethany and with much of the focus moving away from the actual convention). That said, this is still a great culmination to a much-loved series. Christie and Matt resolve (most of) their relationship problems once and for all. Bethany finally reveals her love of art to her mother.

By the end of the book there is a sense that whatever these characters encounter in the future they’ll be okay. Because they have each other. That’s a nice lesson to learn and one that this manga conveys very well. Dramacon was almost always cheerful and exuberant so it was nice to see the series end on an optimistic high note because the characters deserved nothing less as a sendoff.