New Category

I decided just this second to start a new category. That category is called “Linktastic” and will point out any posts (in any of my other categories) that are filled with what I have termed to be useful, informative, or just plain interesting links. Enjoy!

Every move MU make, every step MU take, I’ll be watching MU

The library has been crazy this week! No air conditioner on two of the hottest days of the summer and gaping holes missing linoleum tiles all over the floor. Supposedly this will be fixed soon, but I grow worried.

After July 6 (a day that will not soon be forgotten by any library staff) things finally seem to be settling down to a normal keel. I have even reached detente with the new system having finally figured out how to make use of the key stroke option instead of using the mouse to constantly push annoying buttons.

This means I should have more chances to make sure the staff picks display is pretty. It’s been going fairly well. I have managed to suck in (er . . . I mean recruit) both Bear and one of the computer page’s as regular contributors.

What I am discovering, however, is that it’s very hard to maintain a staff picks section when most of your reading was done with a different library’s collection. Many of the books I have read and loved are not at MU because the collection developed and grew in a different direction than my previous places of employ. While not the end of the world, it does make it more of a challenge to find books I have read and want to endorse. I have a new batch of options after my (awesome) YA Lit class which will help–especially since I can add non-fiction books into my rotation of picks (yes, if something is really good I pick it more than once).

Anyway that’s the latest from that neck of the woods.