Dog invasion

My mother and I live in an apartment above the garage of our building. The apartment has a fenced in terrace area at the back, as do the three other back apartments. The new fences are solid, but lifted about ten inches off the ground so that there is a gap.

Our neighbors are watching a fluffy white dog who, upon seeing my mom outside took a decided interest in the other side of the fence. The dog put her head under the fence to look at Mom, got down on her stomach to try and wiggle through. All to no avail. She tried again, in several other locations along the fence, when I came out a bit later, with no success.

This afternoon, when our neighbor came by with her larger, older dog named Ruby it proved too much for the neighbor’s ward. She barked at Ruby and the two dogs stared at each other, nose to nose, from their opposite sides of the fence. The neighbor dog tried again to wiggle through unsuccessfully. We thought that was the end of it.

Then, as our neighbor and Ruby were getting ready to leave, the other dog had a burst of newfound strength. She wriggled, and wiggled, and squirmed, and shimmied. And with a triumphant bark she made it to our side of the fence. The invading dog proceeded to run around the perimeter of our yard area in rapid circles. She greeted all three humans in a very sweet dog fashion and tried to greet Ruby as well. But Ruby wasn’t having it and would only growl at this strange dog.

The invader ran around in a few more circles and drank some of the water I put out for Ruby. Hearing the commotion, one of our neighbors came out at this point, saw the loose dog and retrieved it using her leash. The invader’s name was Chewie (though she looked more like an Ewok than a Wookie).

Later, when Ruby came over again, Chewie’s barks of protest–or perhaps greeting–could be heard. Once again, she tried to visit our side of the fence but this time a strategically placed pot blocked her path. We were worried she’d hurt herself if she got stuck while trying to get through. Her nose remained near the gap in the fence, watching with just a bit of sadness, I think, that her grand adventures were ended.

I don’t know if this account does any justice to the actual event but it was really one of the funniest things I’ve seen in days and quite entertaining and enjoyable to behold.