Never half empty

I just realized I had a lot of book reviews in a row with nothing interesting for my readers (ChelseaGirl) who come to this blog for other matters.

So, some updates: As of today I am halfway through my master’s program in library science; the glass that is my degree is half full–a fact that has left me in good spirits and, as the post title suggests I hope, feeling very optimistic.

That exciting marker is also why the blog posting has been not as regular as it might have been.

Almost immediately after finishing my spring semester I started my summer semester (two courses that I am referring to jointly as “librarianship as performance art”). The first course was Storytelling which, I must say, was a lot of fun and really informative even thought the first few classes felt kind of hectic.

Some of my coworkers still don’t know what to make of the rehearsals they witnessed, but that’s okay. In the class every student had to memorize three stories. I now know “The Gingerbread Girl” (a self-created adaptation of “The Gingerbread Boy” which is quite clever if I do say so myself) and “Kate and the Beanstalk” by heart. I am especially fond of the latter for is numerous similarities to Ella Enchanted.

For my final story I learned “Cupid and Psyche”–a story I’ve been wanting to tell since, no joke, 2002. The wait definitely paid off because people really liked it. I’ve developed several “storyteller crushes” (another original term) in the class and my stories were not too badly received either. “Cupid and Psyche” had people laughing, gasping, and totally engaged–it was thrilling to know everyone enjoyed it that much. And as if that weren’t praise enough, which it was, afterward the class forced the teacher to let us have a break because no one wanted to follow me. I’m still embarassed about that, but also happy because it means that they loved the story as much as I already did.

Next week I start my young adult literature and literacy course–also very exciting. I’ve been reading like a maniac to make a dent in the class’ formidable reading list which is why my online murmurmings have been less frequent. I already have a queue of six books to review here!

Anyway, I leave you in high spirits and hope that this post finds you in a similarly chipper mood.

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