What I did with my weekend

The weekend was good for the blog. Lewis Harris, the author of a A Taste for Red found my review online and commented on it thanking me for the kind words. I email authors to tell them about my reviews, but it’s always fun when the authors find the reviews before I tell them about it. I don’t know why, it just is. Also, earlier this month, I emailed Susan Juby a link to the review I wrote for Alice McLeod, Realist at Last. Juby thanked me for the review and asked if I would like her or he publisher to send copies of her book as they come out. I, of course, said I would absolutely love that. This Saturday a shiny new copy of Getting the Girl arrived in the mail from Harper Collins with a letter saying that the book was being sent on the authors behalf since she had requested I receive a copy. And that might be the coolest thing that happened to me this week.

On Sunday I went with my mom to the flower district to buy a tree for our back terrace area. We are now the proud owners of a cypress tree (possibly Italian) that is around my height. Getting it home was not so bad since it fit in a taxi cab with us, although motion sickness and nausea were unforeseen side effects for me.

Later on Sunday, after potting the tree, I ventured to the garage with Mom’s retiree neighbor friend to steal some plants. Yes. I do not know the names of the purloined potted plants, but they look lovely in our recently purchased urn.

Sunday night ended on a low note with my being up until approximately three in the morning in the throes of a sneezing fit. I was cured by Monday–except for feeling draggy and too exhausted for work–and able to tell “Kate and the Beanstalk” to my Storytelling classmates with style and flair before also taking part in a “peppy” group presentation on variants of Little Red Riding Hood. All in all, a promising start to the week.

One thought on “What I did with my weekend

  1. The authors contacting you/sending you books is such awesome news. I think reviews are an art form, one at which you excel. It’s the hardest part of writing for me.


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