It seemed about time to explain what I’ve been up to while scheduling numerous book reviews to post on this blog. My Spring semester ended at Pratt in mid-May and my first summer class started the next week. It’s a storytelling class.

The class is a lot of fun, especially since I have a bit of a background with storytelling myself thanks to the years I took part in the NYC Storytelling Festival when I was younger. Even though the class is kind of mellow, with most of the assignments being presentation-based rather than exams or huge papers, the course still felt like a whirlwind when it started. The course runs from mid-May to late June and meets Monday and Wednesday for three hours. That makes the beginning of my weeks very hectic.

On the other hand, I think I’ve finally found my stride and am feeling less overwhelmed by the sheer speed of the class. When this course ends I will officially be halfway through my Master’s program. Then, about a week after Storytelling ends I’m taking a YA Lit class. Words cannot adequately explain how excited I am about this course so I won’t even try. But being a literature based course, it has a big reading list (which the teacher sent out ahead of time) so when I’m not typing up stories for my class I am refreshing my account page on the NYPL site to see if any reserves came in so that I can place the rest of the books I need on hold.

Not exactly the stuff of high drama, but that’s what I’ve been up to. In case you were wondering.