Automated Search Suggestion: FAIL

I use Goodreads for many and varied things including pinpointing publication dates and which book cover I want to feature in the book reviews on this blog. Recently I read Wings by Aprilynne Pike and was looking for information about it.

I typed “Wings” into the search box on the site and got back a million hits. I narrowed it by typing “Wings Pike” because Aprilynne seemed too tedious.

The search results came back with the book I was looking for, but it also came back with a question: Did I mean “Penis Pokey“?

My first thought, of course, was why on earth would I mean that when I typed “Wings Pike.” I still, in fact, have no answer to that. All I know now, after looking to see what Goodreads meant when they asked if I meant that, is that I wished I didn’t know. FAIL.