Mind readers in the machine

So, you know ghosts in the machine? I think there are mind readers in the machine.

A couple weeks ago I was whining in general and on Twitter about the library not having super new YA books. I read super new YA books in the form of advanced reader’s copies from Amazon Vine, so I know the books won’t be available right away. Still, it stings when months pass and I can’t recommend them or post about them on NYPL. The lack of any copies of Absolutely Maybe by Lisa Yee really rankled because it’s been out since February. It was even more frustrating when I realized that QPL had copies but we did not.

Then, a couple of days ago I decided to search for the titles again. And lo! Every book I had received from Amazon Vine was on order for the library. It was like someone was reading my mind, knew I was unhappy, and fixed it. Fantastic!