On Making Friends

Sometimes making friends requires little more than a declaration. Like Sydney Carton in A Tale of Two Cities, you might just need to tell your personal Charles Darnay that you would like to be friends. And that’s it. You’re friends.

Other times, it might be easier to declare a friend instead of requesting one. If you proclaim long enough and loud enough that someone is your BFF eventually they will start to believe it. And after that it might even start to be true.

Then there are the people who just become friends in simple and unexpected ways. It might start by sharing a silly dance inspired by Pinky and the Brain. Friendship might begin with shared confidences like embarrassing stories or password-making techniques. Sometimes, a friendship might simply be born through the mutual recognition of awesomeness and an agreement to stay in touch through facebook messages and blog reading.

Whatever the method, the end result is a friend. This post is for all the people I found to be my friends through these many and varied methods.