On Being a Book Guru

It’s a pretty cool status to have. Also, not that hard to earn if you read a lot.

Case in point:

Last week at work my fellow clerk, “Lorelai,” was on desk with me. She was checking in a bunch of Mo Willem’s picture books.

Not that I do, but if I was going to have a crush on an author, Mo Willems would likely be a contender because he’s really awesome. So I try to read all of his books (not hard since they are all picture books and, therefore, brief).

As Lorelai continued to check in books I regaled her with a running commentary on the books.  Edwina, the Dinosaur That Didn’t Know She Was Extinct is quite funny. So are the Elephant and Piggie books. However, my current favorite from Willems’ ouvre is Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed because it’s just kind of brilliant.

Anyway, after suffering through my opinions, Lorelai turned to me and said, “You’re like a book guru.”

Amused and flattered, I said, “I try.”

“Well, I think yuo’ve succeeded,” was her response.