“Here’s to you, Stand-Up Guy.”

The other day a guy came into the library looking to get a library card. We chatted while I entered his information into the computer and he seemed nice and friendly and, you know, normal. What I would later learn was that he was also a totally stand-up guy.

After getting the card, the gentleman returned to purchase a book from our book sale truck:

Miss Print: “After all that, you’re buying a book?”

Stand Up Guy Patron: “Well, I’m going out of town so I didn’t want to have it for too long. How long can you keep books?”

Miss Print: “Three weeks.”

SUGP: “Oh, well then I could have checked something out.”

Miss Print: “It’ll be a dollar for that one.”

SUGP offers me a twenty dollar bill. The register almost never has change for a twenty, such was the case that night.

Miss Print: “Do you have anything smaller?”

SUGP: “No.”

Miss Print [considers]: “You can just have it.

SUGP: “I couldn’t.”

Miss Print: “No, take it. Just give us a dollar donation or something the next time you have change.”

SUGP [takes book]: “I am going to come back with a dollar for you.”

And maybe a half hour later he did. Because he was a stand-up guy like that.