In which I reinterpret “Chatty Cathy” for my own purposes

I felt like being a Chatty Cathy today and just babbling for a bit instead of posting yet another quote or book review (after blogging for more than half of april the patter does start to get boring, amazingly enough).

Last week was a bit erratic for me. We found out that my great uncle, the one who had a “mini” stroke in January, also has lung cancer. Which is really scary because that part of my family has never fared very well against cancer. So that’s scary. It’s also scary because he’s only 12 years older than my mom. So in addition to worrying about my uncle, it brings up all of these worries about my mom’s mortality, how his sister will manage, and even my own mortality. I feel awful to already be thinking about these things, but I’ve had terrible worries about my uncle since December–right before his stroke. I’m convinced that’s because on some level I was tuned in and knew what was coming. Even though I really would love to be wrong this time. Really.

In less melancholy news, my semester is winding down with final projects shaping up nicely. That means I can finally have a bit of down time this week, which was much needed because of the two week depression/worry trainwreck I had going there. On Friday I took part in my second reading at Pratt which went off without a hitch. I read more of my poems–not all favorites because I did those the first time around. But it was fun and I feel like it’s a good thing to do.

Spring has been slow to arrive, but the plants my mom ordered from QVC have not been. Our efforts to get the back area Spring Ready are in full swing with the purchase of pots and the constant need to purchase more soil. Things are shaping up nicely. If the cold snap doesn’t kill everything before they bloom we’ll have some really nice flowers out there in a bit.

And now you know everything.