“Maybe just a bologna-slice sized piece.”

In response to my supervisor’s wondering if you can find tax forms online from the IRS (also in honor of Tax Day):

Miss Print: “Yes. But they want a pound of flesh in exchange.”

Bear: “They don’t want a pound of flesh. Maybe just a bologna-slice sized piece.”

Later . . .

Miss Print: “How goes the apartment stuff?”

Bear: “I’m going with no news is good news. Still waiting to see if they ask for my genetic profile.”

Miss Print: “I thought they didn’t want your first born.”

Bear: “It’s my first born or a small animal.”

Miss Print: “Maybe they’re the ones who want a pound of flesh instead of a bologna-slice-piece.”

One thought on ““Maybe just a bologna-slice sized piece.”

  1. It’s been two weeks since I’ve dealt with the public, and seeing two Chinese girls on the subway yesterday, reading library books, quite possibly on their way to my old library, made me miss it. Realizing I missed the final crazy week of tax-time and all the people coming in after asking for extension forms, makes me not miss it. Hooray for not opening until the end of the month.

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