Driving away from the wreck of the day

Just a general update post. I might delete it later, we will see. April isn’t shaping up to be a particularly good month and I do not expect my mood to be particularly good for a while either. If that somehow winds up affecting the content here, apologies.

I am preparing for a poetry reading on Friday which, as usual, has me nervous and kind of wanting to back out.

I have two final projects to work on. Both of which, in different ways, have stalled and/or hit absurd roadblocks. I think both will work out but I find myself saying “Really?” a lot in relation to one of the projects.

The economy has me freaked out, as I’m sure it does everyone else.

I’m so tired.

And my great uncle isn’t doing particularly well besides. He had a mini-stroke on New Year’s Day but it wasn’t as small as the doctors had us believe. He is also sick again, with something worse. I’ve had a bad feeling–been worried about him–since January. I’m annoyed that I let myself be lulled into complacency only to have this thrown at me. And I’m annoyed that it feels exactly like what happened before my other great uncle died in 2005 because I don’t want things to be the same because I don’t know that any of us can deal with that again. And every time I consider it or try to talk about it, I feel like I’m going to start crying which I don’t want either.