Of acronyms and succulents

I don’t want to post two book reviews (this optimistically assuming a Chick Lit Wednesday review will magically manifest before Wednesday) back-to-back and I didn’t want to post two Bear posts back-to-back because the attention will go to his head. I also did not want to do two quotes posts just because I’ve already made all of these rules and decided to follow it to the conclusion.

I think at some point when I was sleeping last night I had an idea for a new Words of Wisdom post but that idea is gone now. So instead you get this for BEDA #7.

My weekend/Monday was consumed by an acronym fest of a cataloging assignment on the North American Industry Classification System and monitoring the forums at LibraryThing about a Fiction top level to their Open Shelves Classification system (also for my cataloging class). Aside from that I also am the ringleader for a rag tag (not really) team of students creating a lesson plan on Social Networking. The bright side? Those last two are the only pending projects for my semester.

None of which is what this post is about. This post is about my cactus.

I like cacti. I don’t know why. Something about a plant with claws just appeals to me. I have been trying and failing to grow cacti for the past three or four years. I have seen three cactus die horrible deaths that left me totally freaked out because the cacti actually looked dessicated.

But now I am wiser. I have a plant light. I barely water the cactus. It’s in a normal sized pot because it started normal sized (thank you Home Depot) and it goes outside once the weather is warmer. The current object of my cactus hopes is as of right now unidentified. I will work on that. It has a green base that looks like three planes put together. On top is a red ball where the needles are. This ball started as just a ball, but in the year I have had the cactus it has started growing other smaller nubs. This is very exciting!

Anyway, I don’t want to jinx it but it looks like maybe, just maybe, I’m getting this cactus growing thing right.

The promised picture of my cactus at approximately one year of age (taken with my computer’s webcam because I was actually too tired to bother with my camera):

Catcus 1 year old

One thought on “Of acronyms and succulents

  1. This post reminds me of my luck with bamboo. I’ve been associated with killing two stalks of it thus far. But I’m going to try again starting next week.

    The red ball atop your cactus sounds very interesting. Good luck with it!

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