You’re so vain you probably think this post is about MU

I decided to start BEDA day 2 early. Everyone who will find this story funny might have heard already, but I decided to document it for posterity’s sake all the same.

The scene: Tuesday night, the library is closing in fifteen some odd minutes. It has been a crazy, busy, hectic day (as many are with people using the library in record numbers due to various economic issues). Bear is announcing, loudly, that the library will be closing in fifteen (or whatever) minutes and that people should gather their belongings to go home.

Patron: “I do not appreciate him yelling at me like that. It’s very rude.”

Miss Print: “Well, he’s not really talking to you. He’s talking to the people who are on their computers and refuse to even consider leaving until the last minute.”

Patron: “I still do not appreciate it.”

Miss Print: “Well, we don’t want the library to close late because we don’t get paid to work overtime.”

[It’s true, we don’t! We get time that we can leverage as vacation time or free days at a later date, no monetary payment though.]

Patron: “Well, I don’t get paid to come in and return books.”

Miss Print: “. . .”

I was literally speechless and could not even form the most obvious, and most coherent, response: “Why would you get paid for that?”