Blog Every Day April (BEDA)–I’m in, who’s with me?

Maureen Johnson recently posted on her site her plans to blog every day in April until the release of her book Suite Scarlett in paperback on May 1. From there the idea has become an acronymed movement in which I, among lots of others, have decided to participate.

The rules are simple: Blog every day in April. That’s it.

What that means is I will be posting something every day for a month. Some days that will be quotes, on others a book review, sometimes it might be me chatting. Anyway, it seems like it will be fun and an interesting experiment.

You can read more about the origins of BEDA on Maureen Johnson’s blog. You can view the network created to house interested BEDA participants over at Ning (while I am interested, the thought of joining another anything at this point makes me head spin too much to consider). And, of course, you can check back here in April to see a new post every day. Whoo boy.

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