On creating a monster

It’s easier than one might think. Also starts with the best of intentions. Be wary.

Case in point:

In an unprecedented extension of my full disclosure policy, I told “The Bear” about my blog a while back. Unlike GC, who was a total pain about the whole thing, Bear was very amused and even went so far as to say the blog was well-written and akin to what one might find in a comic book.

That was then.

Bear is now obsessed with appearing on my blog. To the point that Bear often worries, aloud and repeatedly, that he might appear on my blog in a post proclaiming that he is an idiot (he is not and I would never say he was–particularly since it is not true). I keep saying that won’t happen. And he keeps asking if it will. And it’s my own damn fault for telling him about it in the first place.