I’m walking on sunshine (and don’t it feel good)

I am not ashamed to admit that one goal of this post’s title is to get that song stuck in someone’s head.

It’s been a while since I posted a chatty post. I am happy to report that I am no longer giving off sparks every time I touch anything, now it’s just sometimes. Small steps. This week did not start of awesome, but it ended that way. Here’s what happened:

I started the week (my spring break) in a bit of a funk after some research about Robin Hood. I had thought he was one of those legends who got to ride off into the proverbial sunset and was much aggrieved when I read on Wikipedia that he was, most often, killed by an angry Prioress during a bloodletting procedure. I have not found anyone who shares my level of outrage but just trust me, that ending is outrageous. This Robin Hood jag led me to conclude that I never want to read a Robin Hood legend ever again but renewed my interested in finishing the Robin Hood themed cross stitch I have been working on for a million years (like, literally).

In other not awesome news, I completely destroyed the heels of both feet with a series of ill-advised shoes. They are healed now, mostly, and I procured some backless shoes (my first pair of clogs!) to prevent further mishaps. I also completed my taxes and finally worked that deduction magic that everyone else seemed to know about already.

Now we get to why the week (and actually much of this month) has been awesome.

First of all, this developed a couple weeks ago but I never got around to mentioning it. Through a series of fortuitous events and connections I now have a new blog over at NYPL’s official website. (Here are the details on that initiative.) That blog just has the book-related content from this blog, but it’s still rather exciting for me so I thought I’d share. I also think the new blog is affecting this blog’s search ranking which is boring to everyone else but I find it fascinating to monitor the jump in blog views. I’m not sure why–maybe I have an inner statistician?

I’ve also been getting a lot of reading done, which generally pleases me because, as my alias and career path suggest, I kind of like books. A lot.

Last Wednesday I reviewed Girl Overboard which was a really great book and my review got a really great comment from the author (who is also really great). And all of that made me really happy.

Then, this weekend was the Whole Bead Show which my Mom and I missed last time around. This event has been in my calendar since last year so I was really excited when it was beautiful weather the day we visited. We had a great time looking at all of the nifty beads and jewelery items for sale and even found some new inventory for our own online stores.

To make the weekend even more awesome (hardly possible, I know), today was the Biggest Teen Author Signing Ever! at Books of Wonder–the last event of the NYC Teen Author Festival. I’ve been looking forward to this signing for two weeks even though I knew I’d be going alone and was kind of worried I’d look weird for (a) not being a teen and (b) for being by myself.

I had never been to Books of Wonder but I’m glad I ventured over there because the store is really neat–very like the store that Meg Ryan’s character owned in You’ve Got Mail. The event was insanely crowded, so no one really noticed who I was with (or not with) anyway, although one of the authors (SCOTT WESTERFELD!) might have noticed that I was not a teen since he asked if I was a librarian–or perhaps I already project that elusive hip librarian vibe?

Anyway, it was really fun to be bumped and jostled by all of these really famous teen authors. Plus I got books signed by Maureen Johnson(!), Judy Blundell, SCOTT WESTERFELD, and Lisa Ann Sandell. It was just a great end to my mini-vacation from school. Especially when I stumbled upon the adjacent cupcake cafe where I got some delicious cupcakes to share with Mom once I got home with all of my loot.

Where we proceeded to FINALLY watch WALL-E!!!! (Which was as awesome as I knew it would be from the moment I saw the trailer, before any of my friends would agree with me.)

In summary, this week = EPIC WIN.