“Best friends forever.”

Bear was making many cheerful comments at work, prompting me and my big mouth to comment that he seemed to be enjoying himself. Indeed, he was. A fact that he confirmed to me so many times that, in my cold-recovery-phase I was unable to gauge if I had accidentally been obnoxious and offended him . . .

Miss Print: “I’m still a little under the weather, so my sarcasm detector is off, but I really am happy you’re enjoying yourself. I wasn’t being sarcastic or obnoxious.”

Bear: “I know. Believe me, I can tell when you’re mad at me.”

Miss Print: “I’m never mad at you. You’re like my BFF here.”

Bear: *laughs loud and long*

(I am 99.9% sure that he, like me, was not being sarcastic or obnoxious in his amusement.)