Sometimes love really can be a battlefield

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day on Saturday, “Lisa” decided to host a YA gaming program of wii boxing. At first the two things sound rather divergent. However, I had the benefit of seeing Lisa’s lovely (cute and clever) signs advertising the event.

Little pink signs with the middle ground showing a little drawing of a said kid holding boxing gloves. (Can you say lovelorn boxer? I sure can.) The key though, the overarching connection if you will, was the phrase at the top of the sign: Love is a battlefield.

Specifically, the battlefield as described by Pat Benatar in her song “Love is a Battlefield“.

I thought this idea was great and told Lisa so although we wondered if teens would catch the reference since the song is older. I posited that, if they had seen the movie 13 Going on 30 it was entirely possible. Then, being born in the 1990s we realized these teens might be too young to have caught that movie. And then I felt so old. It was very odd.

Anyway, as a result “Love is a Battlefield” has been stuck in my head for two days because of Lisa’s brilliant programming idea. Not complaining, just wish someone was around to suffer with me.

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