My main reaction was ‘Eh.’ OR The truth about Twilight

Despite my supposed non-interest in Twilight I have been spending an absurd about of time reading about the saga. I read all of the book plots on Wikipedia, several reviews on goodreads (mainly the negative ones because I’m mean that way), and I hate to even say it but I also went to Stephenie Meyer’s website so that I could skim the leaked draft of Midnight Sun. I had hoped that Edward would seem more interesting if I could read from his perspective but, if possible, he seemed like more of a jerk and Bella seemed even more passive.

All of this confirmed that the books were as weak as my reading of the first suggested. My research also confirmed that Meyer sounds like a diva, warranting a dislike akin to that previously reserved for the inimitable Audrey Niffenegger (who a friend of a friend of someone who knows Niffenegger recently confirmed is just as much of a jerk as I had surmised).

The YA librarian at my place of employ, “Lisa,” read all of the books so I talked with her about my thoughts:

Miss Print: “My main reaction was ‘Eh.'”

Lisa: “If your reaction to the first one was ‘eh’ you definitely shouldn’t bother with the rest of the series.”

It’s unfortunate because I did want to be excited about this book since so many teens are and it is getting so many of them reading which is so cool. But I didn’t get that excited about the Harry Potter books so I guess there really wasn’t any hope for this series. Although I will say this: Alice Cullen is one of the best characters I have ever encountered. If the books had been about her, or from her perspective, things might have been very different.

UPDATE: My lovely friend and #1 reader Zoe mentions a review of Twilight in her comment below. The review appears in Bitch Magazine, and like Zoe I agree it’s quite apt and also a good way to end the blog’s Week-of-Twilight-Madness. You can read the review here: