“Last week kicked my butt.”

Not that you could tell around here, but last week really did kick my butt. With the help of my inner time management ninja, I have scheduled content for the blog through February (even a week ahead with Chick Lit Wednesday reviews which is unheard of in these parts). Still, I thought I’d take a moment to post something around when I actually write it.

I’ve been sick with a horrible cold for the past week. This came along with the painful realization that I had to rethink the direction of my studies. I’m still working toward my master’s, it’s just not the path I thought I would be on. It was sudden and, did I now know better, I would have said it was a snap decision. But, in the spirit of honesty, this was probably a long time coming. I’m sad that it had to happen, but exhilarated by the new options I now have.

In all aspects of my life, I have been trying to get things in order. It has been tiring, especially with the butt kicking last week, but such is life. I am updating passwords to be more complex and better logged (most sites will tell you how secure a password is, I’d recommend changing periodically if you don’t pick one of those impossible-to-crack ones). I am down to a mere 6 back issues of the New Yorker (didn’t renew the subscription so that can only dwindle). I do have several back issues of Library Journal and School Library Journal, but I’ll worry about that later.

I am also trying really, really hard to cut down on the books in my house because they are taking over. This isn’t going so well because I keep acquiring new books from Amazon Vine and work, but maybe I can call this a process. Textbooks are also creating problems in that area, but another priority is to read ALL of my textbooks–cover to cover if they are interesting–so that doesn’t totally count.

Finally, I hadn’t planned on posting this, but maybe some readers will want to join me. I’ve decided on a kind of esoteric resolution: Try to feel pretty every day. That’s it. So far it’s working and it’s making me feel more positive. I’d suggest trying it, though hopefully readers already do feel pretty every day as I’m sure so many of you are :)