The “You’re a Girl” Talk

I have two pairs of boots. One pair has an inch heel and feel almost exactly like flat shoes when I wear them, which is all the time in winter because on top of that they are waterproof. Then I have another pair of boots that are not water proof and have a 2.5 inch heel which I don’t wear as often. In an effort to actually wear all of the shoes I have, I have been wearing the higher heeled boots out to get used to them and just use them. Today, someone noticed:

Susan: “I like those shoes.”

Miss Print: “Thanks, they’re boots. My mom is always bothering me saying, ‘You’re a girl you should wear shoes with heels’ or ‘You’re a girl you should buy dresses.'”

[At this point I realized “The Bear” was also part of this conversation.]

Miss Print: “You probably wouldn’t know about that since you’re not a girl.”

Bear: “No. I’ve never had the ‘You’re a girl talk’ although sometimes I get the ‘You’re a man’ talk.”

Miss Print: “What does that consist of?”

Bear: “‘You’re a man, why aren’t you married yet?'”

Miss Print: “Oh. Girls get that one too.”