“This is the best day of my life!”

I have been retroactively reading my reference text book and today that activity paid off in dividends. I have found, via my textbook’s Reader Advisory chapter, a webpage from the Kent District Library that features a database called “What’s Next?” And it lists the orders of books in a series. Any series! Every series!

I found about it earlier today but my excitement was renewed upon actually playing with the database for a bit. I have dreamed of a site like this for years. That dream is a reality.

My mom did quite share my enthusiasm after I told her about it:

Miss Print: “It’s so amazing!”

Mom: “What’s the big deal? You only look that stuff up for me anyway.”

Miss Print: “You don’t understand. This is the best day of my life.”

Mom: “You’re such a librarian.”

*Dances happily*

4 thoughts on ““This is the best day of my life!”

  1. My friends are always “reminding” me of what a librarian I am. But then, I also have a few stealth librarians in the group, people who’ve never worked in libraries but who I know in my heart are information professionals even if they don’t.


  2. It is officially in my Favorites list. I will be referring every customer who asks about series to said site.
    I almost took the full-time job at my college’s library, but a few hours a week was all I could manage with my main job


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