“It comes naturally.”

Further discussion of staff picks today. Amazingly enough, the suggestions are rolling in although I have to admit that might be because the branch librarian is into it and pestering people now (as noted before I have stopped pestering). Some staff may or may not ever make an actual pick no matter how much the topic continues to amuse them:

Bear: “I found my book for staff picks.”

Miss Print: “Great. What is it?”

Bear: “It’s called Lois Lenz, Lesbian Secretary.”

Miss Print: “Do you have to work hard to be a smart ass all the time or does it just come naturally?”

Bear: “It comes naturally.”

[Deep, calming breath.]

Miss Print: “I actually find it comes naturally for me too.”

Later . . .

Miss Print: “So was that a legitimate pick or were you just trying to get me to react?”

Bear: “Trying to get you to react, which in a way you did.”