A good start . . .

My last post seemed a bit hostile upon re-reading so I wanted to apologize if it seemed heavy handed or just mean. I feel strongly about the issue and may have gotten carried away.

The year is, in some ways, of to a good start. I finished my first semester of grad school with a 3.9 GPA. That should be helpful in my scholarship application process which began in earnest last week. I’m applying to about eight scholarships/fellowships. It’s a really long process but hopefully it will pay off. I also cracked an issue with one of my long term creative writing projects after talking to “Bear” about it. Our conversation didn’t yield any brilliant ideas, but explaining the idea to him got me thinking on my own and now gears are turning again. I wish I had more time to work on it.

On the other hand 2009 started off with a bit of a scare. My great-uncle had a mini stroke and had to go to the hospital. He’s 72 and a cancer survivor like most of my older relatives. He’s talking and his mind is working, but he has to move around with a walker still because one side of his body is weak. The news jarred both myself and my mom because he and his sister live alone uptown and we had thought my great-uncle was the sturdy one only to find out that he suddenly was not.

As a result I’ve also been excessively worried about everyone. My great-aunt is 80, my great-uncle 72, and after them my mom is the oldest living member of my family. This news brought back memories of when another of my great-uncles died a few years ago and made me worry that more bad news was in store. It seems like those fears are unfounded (thank goodness), but I still feel like a tightly wound spring ready to snap because of my nerves.

So, even though it was scary, 2009 seems to be going well. Everyone’s still alive after all. When the ball dropped at midnight, I was convinced that 2009 would be a good year–better even than 2008, which was pretty good for me–and I sort of still feel like that, but now I just hope my conviction holds true for the whole year.