Neighbors, TV Shows, Garbage . . .

The other day Mom and I received some packages in the mail from my aunt. The packages were packed by the UPS Store against whom I now have a permanent vendetta. The boxes were each big enough for me to sit in fairly comfortably (I am 5′ 6″ and not skinny) and filled to the brim with styrofoam peanuts. Two of the gifts inside were wrapped in about five feet of bubble wrap. Each. And the boxes held about a ten gifts combined–hello overkill.

I unpacked all of this before going to work but the elevator was out of order so I could not take the garbage to the designated garbage area in the basement which is inaccessible via elevator. So I piled all of the bags of peanuts, cardboard boxes, and bubble wrap in the hallway.

That evening when I got home I threaded all of the bags of peanuts on one arm, held the cardboard boxes under the other. I dragged along another, unrelated, bag of garbage in my free hand (my building has restrictive policies–like threats of eviction if you’re caught not complying–with garbage dictating careful planning of garbage disposal).

So, of course, when I lugged all of this to the elevator it finally opened and someone was inside. The worst part was that it was a neighbor I had seen in the elevator previously when lugging laundry to or from the basement laundry room.

I had not given the guy much since our previous encounter but upon seeing him again I felt like he looked familiar. At first it was hard to figure out why he looked familiar because I was studiously working on not making eye contact because it was profoundly embarrassing to be in the elevator with anyone while carrying five bags of garbage even if it was just packaging stuff.

Then, when I was sitting in bed reading, I had a moment of insight. My neighbor looks like Wendell Bray, my favorite intern from the TV show Bones. Specifically the youngest, most hard knocks intern whose entire town pitched in to put him through grad school. Or, if you’re a visual person, this guy (Michael Grant Terry):

Michael Grany Terry

If I ever see him again (inevitably with a bazillion bags of garbage or laundry or something), I might have to mention that I don’t actually always lug stuff around and ask if we can be friends so we can reenact scenes from Bones every now and then.

I realize I’ve been posting a lot of pictures of celebrities on my blog lately. Don’t worry, this blog isn’t becoming a pseudo pop culture blog. I would have to know about pop culture before that could happen. I just watch a lot of TV when I’m not reading a lot of books.