Damn you, Miss Print. *cues angry fist shaking*

I am currently in a situation where I can walk everywhere. I am five minutes from my lovely grad school which is the only library program I applied to specifically because it was the only one I could walk to and also the best program (double win!). I have a fifteen minute walk in the opposite direction to get to work (and about fifteen minutes between work and school). This all required careful planning but also means that applying for a job elsewhere becomes tricky since transportation and commuting become factors.

The other day at the end of work “The Bear”, “Casey” and I were shooting the breeze waiting for the go ahead to . . . go. Having already called me “Mrs. Print” (twitch), Bear made another snide remark (I would say snarky but we had a ten minute discussion of how he really would not want to be considered snarky–he is snarky. Everyone I know is snarky):

Bear: “I was going to say I would get home before you, but then I remembered where you live.”

Miss Print: “How could you get home before anyone?”

Casey: “Don’t you live in Hoboken?”

The conversation degenerated to everyone being all, “Damn you Miss Print” for living close to work. It’s a thankless role, but someone has to do it.

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