“Criminals are always covering up their criminology.”

Rufus SewellMy mom and I watch Eleventh Hour on CBS. I’m not sure we really like the show, sometimes it’s kind of a downer (or slow), but I like the two actors. And Rufus Sewell is really , unbelievably good looking. While being named Rufus. It’s like I can’t look away. (And OMG he played Will Ladislaw which confirms that he can do no wrong! OMG!)

*composes self* Sorry about that. This post isn’t about my crush on Rufus Sewell, there is actually a more interesting point.

Tonight’s episode of Eleventh Hour made mention of a big cover-up in the blurb. We weren’t so sure about that.

Mom: “There isn’t any cover up. It’s just two criminals.”

Miss Print: “Well, they could want to cover it up.”

Mom: “But criminals are always covering up their criminology.”

Miss Print: “Crimes. Criminals cover up their crimes.”