Random Poll #2: Miss Print’s “Secret” Identity

New “meta” poll. I’m aware that a lot of regular readers know who I am when I’m not being Miss Print. Those readers are also likely aware that I struggle with anonymity on this blog. Lately, I’ve been wondering if perhaps I should own my words slightly more here. Nothing drastic, just perhaps mentioning my name on the about page. But I’m conflicted. So I decided to ask you, the readers, with a new poll (though more verbal input would also be cool):

3 thoughts on “Random Poll #2: Miss Print’s “Secret” Identity

  1. In general I prefer transparency. It actually decreases cyberbullying. Have you noticed internet trolls often don’t identify themselves? I understand that you are writing about work and are perhaps worried what your co-workers would say. However, if you do not engage in libel by distorting facts about someone and do not flame anyone there should be no reason to hide your identity. The Massachusetts Bar Association (http://www.massbar.org/3814) and other bar associations provide information on what constitutes libel. Remaining anonymous doesn’t necessarily protect you. Be responsible in what you write and you should be okay.

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