“You could make my mother weep.”

I have a new coworker. He’s not that new anymore, but he’s just now proving he has a place in this blog which is why the mention comes after the fact. Anyway, “Harry” the library’s token man/Republican recently left for the greener pastures of academia. I was sorry to see him go because he appreciated my humor (mostly it is wasted).

Last week, after a doubletake where I actually wondered if the new guy might possibly be a Harry clone in terms of personality/demeanor (and because I actually called him Harry, embarassing), I witnessed something horrible.

The new guy–I’m going to call him “The Bear” because, well, it’s hard to explain if you don’t know him but I can’t say more–so, “The Bear” was packing up discard boxes. I knew something was off when he asked me to hold a box in the air while he taped it. My “off feeling” was confirmed after the box was filled and “The Bear” began taping it closed.

He pulled off a strip of tape about 18 to 20 inches long, cut the strip, put down the tape dispenser, and then tried to tape the box (you know so it would stay closed) without closing it. After watching this for a few minutes I finally stepped in and held the box closed for him because it was too awful to behold.

(Keep in mind that my mom has been selling on ebay for over five years, so I know A LOT about packing.)

Miss Print: “My mom would weep if she could see you trying to do this. Have you ever packed a box? Ever?”

The Bear: “You say that now, but when I moved it looked like professionalists did it.”

Miss Print: [skeptical] . . .

The Bear: “Bad professionalists, but still.”


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