“Do you need a ride?”

This is one of those horrible moments where I had no idea how to answer this question and move on.

Once again in the elevator at MU (perhaps a sign I should stick to the stairs).

I step into the elevator and hold the door for a man (probably a homeless or habitually drunk man if his appearance was any indication) in a motorized wheelchair. The door closes and I wait awkwardly trying to keep distance between us because, honestly, he doesn’t look super clean.

Man: “Do you need a ride?”

Unfortunately I didn’t hear him the first time and mistakenly asked him to repeat the question.

Man: “Do you need a ride?”


Miss Print out loud: “No. No. I think I’m good.”

The elevator opened and I had been prepared to let him out first, but then he said ladies and again asked if I needed a ride. I jetted and didn’t look back. Unfortunately he seems to remember my face and said the same thing when he saw me in the library today (thankfully I was behind the circulation desk and he was a few yards away from it.)