How I do what I do

I love this post’s title. Just saying. Anyway, in an ideal world, this blog includes at least one weekly review (and soon it will again!). Since I also work and am taking three graduate courses at Pratt, most of the books reviewed of late are not ones I’ve read recently. Some are books I don’t even remember reading the first time because it was so long ago. But I still review them, usually, without rereading.

The way I do that is starting at to pick up reviews, and a general blurb. I often disagree with the majority or most helpful reviews there, but it’s a start. If I still need help, I pull my ace in the hole: Google Books–a site that is the closest thing to magic that I have found online since my discovery of goodreads (thank you Tyler who probably doesn’t know about this blog for that viral email invite!). If you aren’t familiar with Google Books, it is a book digitization project which offers limited previews of tons of books. These previews usually include most of the book with only a few gaps as well as a search in book option. With that, I am able to skim a book without having to find a physical copy of said book (which saves a lot of time) so while it isn’t a replacement for real books (and no digital medium ever will be as far as I’m concerned) it’s definitely something.

So now you now.

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