Good deed of the day

I wound up coming into work today at the wrong time because my long-standing Wednesday hours were changed and I didn’t remember. But in the grand scheme of things it wasn’t such a bad thing because I was near my apartment building at the right time to do a good thing.

I was rounding the corner on my walk to work when I heard a woman somewhere behind me calling “Lily, Lily!” By the second call she was sounding frantic. I turned around and saw a woman and a small Daschund (possibly a puppy) in a red and green plaid dog sweater running toward the corner and, worse, the street. My guess is the dog slipped her leash or bolted before it could be fastened properly.

I stepped in front of Lily, who then tried to swerve around me, but I just moved over too. Her momentum slowed, the dog lost interest in her stint of freedom and returned to her owner who thanked me. It wasn’t much, and I probably could have done more (like grabbing the dog which I didn’t think of), but in this case it was enough. And it was the right thing too. All in a day’s work.

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