Best Costume of the year, runner up

I keep forgetting things I wanted to post about Halloween. So, in addition to the super Clark Kent costume (pun well intended), I had a runner up for best costume. A teen came into the library in a black t-shirt and pants. He had red paint on his hands and face to simulate blood. And. He had a nail through his head. Not a real nail of course, but one of those headband nail things that people use on Halloween.

So, this kid was checking out books and I had the good fortune of being the clerk to help him. (Yay!)

Miss Print: “That doesn’t look too good. Does it hurt?”

Kid: “Yeah, it’s pretty bad. It’s been keeping me up all night.”

I checked out the kid’s books and he left, but not before I had a chance to advise him to take some Tylenol and have someone look at his head (all of which also amused his Mom, I’m so cool). Hee.

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