The fashion forward recognize the fashion forward

Another retro post from August 2007 (random aside: it’s pleasant to look back on these posts and realize my confidence and my life, while not what I would have expected, is much better than it had been at that time.)

Again while walking to work:

Really cool people live in the Village (I live there, which is clearly the only support that point needs). These cool people are often artistic, which I think is why I always see people in really spiffy outfits when I’m wandering around in the neighborhood.

This particular day I was wearing a tank top (could have been any number of colors) and one of my favorite skirts–it’s ankle length, flares out and is striped with variegated fabric. It sounds like a disaster, but the effect is really neat and I always get complimented on it.

Anyway, I walking down the street to work (point of inspiration for many retro posts). While waiting for the light I noticed a man doing the same thing across the street. He had on a lime green button down shirt and red high-water pants. The coolness of this outfit was only rivaled by the ever improbably shirt, tie, and shorts combo that I saw so much of last summer (if the guy is good looking enough, that combo somehow manages to seem probable and even reasonable).

The light changed, and we walked along in our opposite directions. As we passed each other, two bohemian ships passing in the night if you will, the man took a moment to say, “Nice skirt,” to me. I thanked him and kept walking. I didn’t compliment his own outfit but I think, being how we were both looking cool, that he knew how I felt.

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