Every day is odd in its own way.

I learned that today from a librarian at the school library I was visiting today and I’ve decided I really like the phrase. Speaking specifically (as I like to do), today was odd in several ways.

It started when I got off the bus expecting to walk a couple of blocks to the elementary school I was observing only to find a School of Visual Arts building at the address I had written down for the school (provided by my graduate program). I was at 10th Street and 3rd Avenue. I needed to be at East 4th and Avenue C.

Chaos ensued as I raced around crazily calling 411 to find the correct location/building number (two calls were required). Several false starts and one panic-motivated cab ride later I was at the school a mere fifteen minutes late (the school librarian AKA LMS was in a meeting though so it all worked out).

But this post isn’t specifically about the site observation. Rather, it’s about the fact that I managed to come on the day that Hilary Duff (and Miss Universe and Miss USA) all came to the library. Which was crazy too. Crazy neat.

They were apparently at the library for an interview/photo op about Duff’s charity “Blessings in a Backpack” which provides food for children (in backpacks) over the weekend. All of the students at this school participate.