“I owe you chips. And fish.”

Being a webmaster for my technology class is a many faceted job. While helping a group member set up her FTP/webpage (not necessary! Glad I did all that work before the prof decided to clarify!) because her page would not load properly.

After getting “Sally” to upload a .htm file and then fixing a typo in her page url (she was using her last name in the link instead of her username), lo and behold the page loaded. Sally was really happy about it. We high fived and everything.

Sally: “I owe you something. I owe you chips. And fish.”

Miss Print: “Awesome.”

Sally: “Or I could try to do Celtic Dancing.” (This after mentioning I was seeing Celtic Thunder the next day.)

And Sally proceeded to Celtic dance, for real! It was really cool!

Miss Print: “That was totally worth it.”