I still want to go to Ireland and become Irish

Over the summer my mom and I discovered a singing group called Celtic Thunder. It sparked a minor obsession that included hunting down the CD immediately after seeing the group on TV, listening to it constantly for months, and finally with buying tickets to see them live. At Radio City! Yesterday! (Except it’s more like a few hours ago since I haven’t gone to bed yet.)


I took my Mom and we knew the show was off to a good start when the orchestra seats I had purchased wound up being in the third row of the theater. Basically, if I had been so inclined, I could have waved at the guys and they probably could have seen it. Totally amazing.

The music was unsurprisingly brilliant once again. The show we saw was the fifth day of Celtic Thunder’s 50 city US tour. I loved the CD and the TV special, but seeing them in person was so cool because it really looked like everyone–the singers, the musicians, the dancer–was having a great time. And the audience was too. Especially during “Ireland’s Call” when most of the audience was standing up to sing along. During another song (“Raggle Taggle Gypsy”) I discovered that I still can’t really keep a beat while clapping, but that’s okay.

The show went out with a big finish with the song “Caledonia” which is a lovely song. The number itself was also entertaining as one of the singers (the serious, operatic one no less) decided to lift of the side of his kilt in a revealing manner and then, later, when the singers had their back to the audience he was also shaking his bottom in a suggestive way. (He and another singer also almost tripped which was a close call.)

As I mentioned in a previous post, one of the hosts of the TV special said that the songs “Ireland’s Call” and “Caledonia” made him want to go to Ireland and become Irish. It’s still kind of true.  So, so, so, so much fun that I can’t even really capture how much Mom and I enjoyed ourselves.

“Since I’m going to be Jewish I can get a lot done.”

Yesterday as many of you know, was the start of Yom Kippur. I did not have class because my professor is Jewish. The professors for my Tuesday classes are also Jewish so last week I had off for Rosh Hashana. Even in graduate school that’s pretty sweet.

While embracing my webmaster duties, I was talking to “Anne” in class about setting up personal websites via Pratt’s server and acquiring an FTP client (none of which is necessary after all, but I’m over it . . . almost).

Anne: “Since I’m being Jewish tomorrow I can work on that. I’ve been getting a lot done on the days I’m Jewish for class, it’s great.”

Miss Print: “Yeah I’m celebrating the time off by watching Irish men sing. There’s nothing more Jewish than that.”