Hypothetical in the Library

Three teen-aged girls walked into the library today. While one of them checked out a book she asked me a question.

Teen Girl #1: “If I had a book that was late and lost, would I be responsible for the price of the book and the fines?”

Miss Print: “Well no probably not. You’d just be responsible for the cost of the book.”

Teen Girl #2: “What if it was an old book, like out for two years?”

Miss Print: “Is this book on your library card?”

TG1: “No, no. This is hypothetical.”

Miss Print: “Okay. Well, hypothetically speaking I’d need to see the library card that checked out this hypothetical book to check if it was still even on the card.”

TG1: “Well, how much would the book cost?”

Miss Print: “Is this hypothetical book a hardcover and a paperback?”

Teen Girl #3: “Paperback.”

Miss Print: “Not more than ten dollars.”

TG3: “Okay, thanks.”

I thought this kind of thing only happened on television, but no. (I’m kind of glad I was wrong.)

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