“Oh, that was his posse.”

A teen-aged boy came into the library looking for books. Around the same time three other teen boys decided to hover near the circulation line. At first the other clerk and I thought that they were waiting in line, but they weren’t. A fact that came particularly obvious when they started taking pictures with their camera phones.

Later the first teen boy left with his books and the other teens followed him out. It all made sense.

Miss Print: “Oh, they were hovering because they were his posse.”

Branch Librarian: “His posse, huh?”

Then she started laughing. I can’t imagine why though . . .

Hypothetical in the Library

Three teen-aged girls walked into the library today. While one of them checked out a book she asked me a question.

Teen Girl #1: “If I had a book that was late and lost, would I be responsible for the price of the book and the fines?”

Miss Print: “Well no probably not. You’d just be responsible for the cost of the book.”

Teen Girl #2: “What if it was an old book, like out for two years?”

Miss Print: “Is this book on your library card?”

TG1: “No, no. This is hypothetical.”

Miss Print: “Okay. Well, hypothetically speaking I’d need to see the library card that checked out this hypothetical book to check if it was still even on the card.”

TG1: “Well, how much would the book cost?”

Miss Print: “Is this hypothetical book a hardcover and a paperback?”

Teen Girl #3: “Paperback.”

Miss Print: “Not more than ten dollars.”

TG3: “Okay, thanks.”

I thought this kind of thing only happened on television, but no. (I’m kind of glad I was wrong.)