Daily Archives: August 29, 2008

School and Work: Finding the right balance

I have all of this paper and junk on my desk thanks to orientation at Pratt. I’m not sure what to do with all of it because some of it needs to be kept for a while. I think I need a new filing system, but am not sure what would work better.

I’m taking three courses this semester and working part-time at my same old job. I was explaining as much to a fellow coworker the other day while helping a patron.

Miss Print: “I figure that school should take precedent over work for the time being.”

Patron: “Good idea.”

So, there you have it.


Chick Lit Wednesday: One Year Later

It’s not actually Wednesday, but the Chick Lit Wednesday (CLW) section of this blog is one year old today and that’s worth celebrating even if it is Friday. CLW has changed a lot since I first started, so I decided now would be a good time to explain my current vision for these reviews.

Originally, as my inaugural post states, I had pretty specific ideas about Chick Lit Wednesday Reviews:

I decided to start a theme day in my blog. You can expect my usual cryptic blogs about life as well as other reviews. But every Wednesday (in theory at least) you can also watch for a review of a book that I have deemed to fall in the “chick lit” literary genre. What does that mean exactly? Books that I love and that are awesome but which I would not force a guy friend to read because they’d probably hurt me.

Another unspoken rule in the beginning was that the book had to be written by a woman and it had to feature a strong female character.

Over the past year, though, my guidelines have evolved. I do post a review almost every week and date it for Wednesday, but sometimes the posts do come later in the week. In order to deal with logistical problems I lifted my women author’s only rule. There are a lot of great books written by men with strong female characters, who am I to ignore them here? (Aside from the fact it greatly broadens my review options.)

Finally, the most important change is in regards to my entire definition of “Chick Lit.” Initially, I was reviewing books specifically targeted at female readers. Somewhere along the way, I decided that there should be more to chick lit. So, when you see the term on this blog, I’m not referring to a romance novel or the next Bridget Jones (although sometimes I am). Rather, these posts are meant to exhibit books that I think have positive images for girls of strong, proactive female heroines in charge of their own stories (or not if it’s a negative review). In other words, this blog is trying to reclaim “chick lit” as a feminist term. I didn’t know it right away, but a lot of these ideas about chick lit gelled while I was writing an extended research paper about Ella Enchanted long before I started this blog. (It’s online, link furnished upon request.)

Anyway, I hope there are some regular readers out there who do watch for my next CLW post and do enjoy reading them. Cheers.