All the rebellious kids wind up working in libraries

Spent a bit talking with “Lisa” the YA librarian about young adult literature today. That got me thinking about this essay by Margo Rabb that was in the New York Times a few days ago about how while there is still a stigma with being a YA author, sometimes it does work out for the best.

Miss Print: “I didn’t realize there was still a stigma attached to YA literature.”

Lisa: “Well yeah because it’s awesome. Don’t you think YA literature is a lot better than when we were teens?” [Lisa is two years older than me so we were teens at the same time more or less]

Miss Print: “I don’t really remember reading YA books when I was a teen. I’d read fantasy books but those were sometimes from children’s. I spent a lot of time reading classics because my school didn’t assign them.”

Lisa: “Was that your rebellion? Mine was going to bible study.”

And there you have it.

On taking a step back

Don’t stand too close to the gutter while waiting to cross the street. An easy way to gauge if you are, in fact, too close is to wait for a passing bicyclist. If you are close enough for this bicyclist to see you, turn his head, and smile at you while turning a corner you might have a fair indication that you should be closer to the sidewalk.