It could be worse

It’s almost midnight. All I want to do is go to bed. But I can’t because I’m working on a term paper. Having finished the easy “give your opinion” part I’m balking at starting the research part. I only need two more pages. Then I’m done. This is the last term paper of my career as an undergrad, I’m graduating in about a month. I’m really scared about it, but so ready for something different.

In other news, I’m feeling better (read: “more zen”) about the whole everyone knows about this blog thing. As people keep pointing out, if it’s mildly interesting and updated often why wouldn’t people read regularly? (Silly me for thinking otherwise.) In the spirit of full disclosure I even left “Ralph” a note officially informing him of this blog. Though perhaps he already knew about it unofficially? I can’t say for sure and I suspect he won’t be talking.

As part of my hysteria last week I talked to way more people about this blog than is normal. In order to reach a level of closure, I was still talking to people about it today. I sent a drawn-out email to Jennylish last week about the whole sordid thing and, according to Amy, she later called my branch only to have GC answer. Her first comment to him: “At least I don’t write about you on my blog.”

I’ve always heard the saying “If you can’t be a good example be a horrible warning.” I just never thought I’d be the horrible warning. At least it’s only in terms of blogging practices. And on that truly entertaining (and let’s face it, funny) note, back to the term paper.