“I’m telling everyone, even people who don’t usually ask how I am.”

As I mentioned before, I won a kind of big deal writing award from my school. And I’m really excited about it. So I’ve been telling everyone. Literally every person I see who talks to me long enough that I can mention it. Some people I’ve even started conversations just to mention it.

This created some confusion when I stopped by “James’s” desk a couple of days ago:

Miss Print: “Hi James. I forgot to mention this before but I won a writing award.”

James: “Congratulations . . .”

Miss Print: “Thanks! I’m really excited so I’ve been telling everyone about it.”

James: “. . .”

Miss Print: “Well, see you.”

I had to take a different approach with GC because GC never has conversations with me that involve me talking (usually I ask questions and he replies):

Miss Print: “Hey GC. How’s it going?”

GC: “I’m all right.”

Miss Print: “I can’t say I’m surprised. Now ask me how I am.”

GC: “What?”

Miss Print: “Ask me how I am.”

GC: “How are you?”

Miss Print: “I’m really good. I just won a writing award from my school for some of my poems. I’m really excited about it, so I’ve been telling everyone, even people who don’t usually ask how I am.”

GC: “Is it a monetary award.”

Miss Print: “Yes. Plus bragging rights.”

GC: “What are you going to do with it?”

Miss Print: “Probably put it towards library school tuition.”

GC: “That won’t even pay for a course. It might have when I was there. I paid 500 a credit.”

Miss Print: “It’s 825 now.”

GC: “So you can pay for a credit and a half.”

Miss Print: “That’s better than none.”

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