“I think this explains my bad credit.”

Guy came into the library wearing a really spiffy/fantastic cowboy hat (despite his having a New York license, love that!). I looked up his record and found that he had two dollars in fines, which I told him.

The man looked stricken before responding, “Oh no. Can I still borrow books? Are you going to run me out of town?”

“If you pay the fines we’ll let it go this time.” Let me tell you, it took an insane amount of control to keep a straight face.

I left to get the man’s reserves. When I came back he paid the fines and, again in all seriousness, said, “You know, I tried to buy a house and I couldn’t. I bet this is why my credit was bad.”

By this point any of my efforts to maintain a straight face were done. I was laughing when the man left (with his fines paid).

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