Celebrity in the library: Samuel Menashe

I had the pleasure of meeting a poet on Saturday, if everyone agrees that by pleasure I actually mean horrible misfortune.

Mr. Menashe came into the library looking for fliers about a reading he is giving at the library. No one knew anything about them or where they would be (if there even were any–I don’t think there were). He talked to Ralph, who directed him to Michael. Then, being sneaky, the poet decided to talk to me and some other clerks because obviously it was just a conspiracy to keep him from finding any fliers.

I told him I didn’t know anything and that he should talk to Ralph. (Ralph is in charge so he should theoretically know everything. At the time I didn’t realize that Ralph had already passed the buck on this and told him to wait to talk to Michael.) He was not impressed. Then my supervisor came over and also talked to him.

Menashe:  “So, you don’t know anything either?”

Supervisor: “No, I’m afraid not.”

Menashe: “Well then why are you working here? If you don’t know anything you shouldn’t be here.”


If that hasn’t scared you off he’s doing a reading at my library at some point this week. The fliers were just getting xeroxed today and the event doesn’t seem to be on the nypl website, so we’ll see how that goes.