Books can be the new Internet if they try harder

You wouldn’t think a 4000 character essay could take the better part of an evening to write, but it did. Here’s an exclusive look at part of that application I keep whining about (a look at an important problem for Americans today): Continue reading Books can be the new Internet if they try harder

Murmurings about scholarships

A quick review: I got accepted to Pratt for library school earlier this month. I’m really excited, but I also know Pratt is going to be really expensive. So I started looking for scholarships (there was no time to look for them before I was accepted because I was too busy working on the application and, you know, being in school and working). For reasons that may never become clear, graduate level scholarships like March deadlines. It’s mid-February. That’s why I sound like someone on the edge.

To make it all even better, I found a scholarship on Friday with a deadline in a week. So I have a week to get together a competent application including: four essays, “narrative autobiography,” recommendations,  and a promise to sell my soul to the scholarship organizers (not really, just a financial dossier for myself and my entire family).  Just a little bit stressed by that (in addition to finishing undergrad, working, and contemplating a job change come May).