Kitsch and Chocolate

I don’t know about anyone else, but I had a very pleasant Valentine’s despite being single. I hope everyone (attached or not) made the most of a day that basically demands kitsch and chocolate. I know I did (:

I helped with the Children’s “Captain Underpants *hearts* Babymouse” party, which I think everyone agrees went off without a hitch and was a resounding success (as most of Lea’s events are I dare say).  I helped kids make mouse ears while being blinded by the projector displaying trivia on the wall behind my station.  There was also an underwear decorating station as well as cupcakes and games. Everything a good party needs really.

Highlights include “Ralph” sitting on a whoopee cushion only to have it explode (and get dust all over the back of his pants), daring “Julie” to get Ralph and “GC” to wear mouse ears (she was successful although both men made their dissatisfaction clear with pretty prominent scowls), and watching game hijinks (near the end of the party some of the kids lost it and were posing as targets for a “knock down” type game).

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m pretty certain that there’s no better way to spend such a silly holiday than wearing mouse ears while helping children make their own.

Eat a piece of chocolate for me ;)

Celebrity in the library: Sandra Bernhard

So, I meant to post this last week when it actually happened (Saturday) but I fail and forgot. Anyway, Sandra Bernhard came into the library with her daughter who was doing a report on bats.

Ms. Bernhard is super tall and I talked to her for about five minutes without recognizing her. I knew she was familiar but could not for the life of me figure out why. My supervisor then came over to me and said “You know who that was right?” Color me embarrassed. Though in my defense I have next to no familiarity with her ouvre. At least I know who Sam Elliot is which is more than some people can say. (If he came into the library I might die of excitement.)

Anyway, Sandra Bernhard was my first official “library-related” sighting and you heard about it here first.